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Aventem expands portfolio with Elation headlights

Aventem expand's portfolio with Elation headlights
New Elation headlights at Aventem warehouse (Photo: Aventem)

The German event technology provider Aventem has expanded its portfolio of equipment for events with Elation Fresnel headlights.

“As part of the transition, we have invested in Fresnel LED engine of our lighting systems. Used to come headlights KL 8 PO 350 watts of elation as to extension or upgrade for our ARRI 1 kW / 650 watt Fresnel,” says Holger Niewind, the company’s managing director.
The KL Fresnel 8 PO Provides a stable warm white color temperature of 3000 Kelvin and a color rendering index of> 97th THUS, all qualities available for a guiding light. The beam angle is adjustable between 11° and 57°.
The professional standards of the KL series underscores the absolutely homogeneous 16-bit dimming. OPTIONALLY, the user may, DEPENDING ON application dimmer mode dimming curve and adjust dimmer delay. In addition, the frequency of the pulse width modulation is arbitrary, so did a full use of the KL series in TV studio is possible.
When the rod-operated device so pan and tilt with a rod can be adjusted in addition to the continuous zoom. The headlights are fitted as standard with eight-leaf barn doors and a color frame.
The data distribution is Performed by DMX settings can therefore be made on the LCD display on the practical menu navigation.
The headlights are available for projects and rental in sufficient number available.
Aventem offers both the classic event technical services in the areas of light, image and sound as well as the overall implementation of projects in professional quality.
Source: www.aventem.de

New Elation headlights at Aventem warehouse (Photo: Aventem)