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Colja Dams sees increase for Hybrid Events

Colja Dams sees increase for Hybrid Events
Colja Dams (Photo: Vok Dams Group)

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the focus of communication agencies has seen a major shift. Colja Dams, CEO of the agency Vok Dams: “At the beginning of the year around 30% of our events were digital events, but between March and the end of May this shifted to almost 90% digital events for obvious reasons. Now with the COVID-19 measures slowly being relaxed, we are currently experiencing a strong increase in clients requesting a mix of live and online formats, the so-called hybrid events.”

Irrespective of Covid-19, he is convinced that hybrid events will have a significant impact on the future development of the event industry, as they enable parallel live participation on site and online from anywhere in the world. In a way, the pandemic has been a catalyst for digitalization developments in the communications sector that would have come in the near future anyway, but probably a little slower and less intense.
At the same time, such formats, just like digital events, require completely new concepts and methodologies, both in terms of content and technology. Simply taking a “live” event and producing it online is not enough and will not take advantage of the online communication potential. Clients are increasingly coming to this conclusion as well and inquiring about the hybrid expertise, be it as event technicians or concept designers, or when simply looking for new solutions and possibilities.

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