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GoldenseaUV offers UV-C disinfection solutions

GoldenseaUV offers UV-C disinfection solutions
GoldenseaUV presents UV AIR (Photo: GoldenseaUV)

GoldenseaUV offers a broad range of UV-C disinfection solutions that can be divided into three categories: Disinfection of Surfaces, Disinfection of Air, and Disinfection of Objects. Application Areas could be Event Locations, Lounges, Conferencing Centres, Fairgrounds, Showrooms, Brand Lands and many more.

The efficacy of UVC-Disinfection protocols at inactivating viruses like SARS-Cov-2 – as proven by Boston University and numerous other studies – depend on the UV-Dosage delivered over time. Therefore different sizes of products allow for a variety of room sizes to be disinfected in optimal time.
GoldenseaUV’s UV-C products for surface disinfection range are ideal for direct disinfection applications and designed for flexible use of areas from 10-480m² per unit, while keeping investments low and leveraging your spend. The units are equipped with enough power to allow for all your requirements with regards to air change per hour (ACH), level of cleanliness (killing rate of viruses and bacteria) and sound level of operations. To give an example: in silent operation at 39db this allows for an ACH of 2 with a 48m² room having a 2,5m height.
To make working spaces more comfortable, the UVAIR solutions can come with an optional HEPA filter to reduce pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality. GoldenseaUV’s flexible Air range even allows the operator to remove the unit doors, turning the Air Purification system into a Surface Disinfection unit, with all the safety features found in the Surface range.