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Luxibel B Panels in the new nürburgring.tv studio

nürburgring.tv studio (Photo: AED group)

The expansion of the nürburgring.tv studio with a new virtual studio was completed at the end of last year. Since then, 30 Luxibel B Panels 360TW Softlights, a own label of the AED group, have provided perfect illumination. The company mo2 design GmbH, under the leadership of the internationally renowned lighting designer Manfred Olma, was commissioned to implement the project.

For Olma, the choice of Luxibel Softlights was quickly made clear. In addition to a very high color temperature value, the excellent homogeneity of the light distribution and the ease of use, as well as an extensive range of accessories such as SnapBag, SnapGrid, etc., the very good price-performance ratio also played a role in the decision to use Luxibel B Panel 360TW softlights to make the implementation of the high-quality illumination of the new virtual nürburgring.tv studio the first choice.

Renowned automobile manufacturers and automotive companies rely on the production technology in the nürburgring.tv studio, which thanks to Luxibel can be put “in the right light”. The Nürburgring is one of the most popular German race tracks and has often been the venue for Formula 1 races.

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