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New LED screen at Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Grimaldi Forum Monaco (Foto: Grimaldi Forum)

Given the success of his TV studio since last September, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco (GFM) optimizes its offer with a 10 by 3 meters LED screen that makes their new tray one of the largest offered in southern Europe. GFM customers now have an optimal tool during their events to broadcast and view all types of content live on a giant 30 square meter screen that offers, at the same time, a unique new generation design.

The chosen technology is an indoor LED screen with a 2.5mm pitch. It increases the quality of rendering and allows stakeholders to appreciate the scale of the sets with a real depth of field which considerably improves the effect produced. Thus, for example, the participants broadcasts on the wall, whether in mosaic or full frame mode, is directly visible to the speaker or the facilitator for whom the difficulty of the “weather map” technique no longer exists. Thanks to the axes of real cameras, the view of the set is modified with each change of shot, without virtual special effects.

This new “premium” version has been added to the catalog of services provided by Studio TV by GFM for more than six months already, in addition to its “standard” version. With a “green background”, the latter has already made it possible to create dozens of sets ranging from urban, maritime to Monegasque landscapes, thanks to a live camera placed in the 360° environment of the GFM, going as far as a 3D tailor-made customization of the sets, opening credits and customer logos.

With an area of 50 square meters each, these 2 TV studios are available in three configurations: JT platform, congress platform or lounge. They accommodate up to 5 people on the set and almost unlimited number of remote participants depending on the platform chosen. They can be installed in the Le Guelfe and Van Dongen spaces in the standard green screen version, and in Le Guelfe with a view of the superb Princesse Grace de Monaco Avenue, in the premium video wall version.

In addition to this technical provision, the Grimaldi Forum offers customers its expertise in pre and post-production. On-set assistance begins as soon as the event is written with storyboards / scenarios and technical scripts. During the show, speakers also have access to a live information panel (presentations, teleprompter, timer, and a timeline that shows the number of participants connected & the reactions). The other services offered range from on-site catering to the provision of lounge and rest areas, including make-up tables. Nothing is left to chance, like the post communicated statistics that can be as advanced as drawing up a carbon footprint of the event.

Developed in the midst of the health crisis in order to professionalize the Grimaldi Forum’s offer in terms of webinars and videoconferences, thus overcoming a situation where it is impossible to meet physically, this TV studio is now an integral part of the GFM’s offer. It is a real added value for its customers who can now organize a 100% distancial or hybrid event safely and with the utmost respect of health rules, customers will also be able to use this device in the future to promote their face-to-face events well beyond the site’s capacity.

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