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Opening of Porsche Experience Space in the Mooncity by Archimedes Exhibitions

Opening of Porsche Experience Space in the Mooncity by Archimedes Exhibitions
Mooncity in Salzburg (photo: Moon)

Porsche Holding officially opened Mooncity in Salzburg in the presence of members of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG and the Piëch and Porsche families. Since 10 December 2019, the innovation and competence centre for electric mobility and sustainable energy use is open to the public.

At the heart of Mooncity there is a world of experience conceived, designed and produced by the Berlin-based creative agency Archimedes Exhibitions in close cooperation with the team led by Leo Fellinger of Porsche Austria. With the Mooncity lighthouse project, Porsche underscores its own commitment to renewable energies and sustainable mobility change and lets visitors experience tomorrow’s mobility live.
Porsche Holding and Archimedes Exhibitions have implemented a varied edutainment concept in the experience space that playfully turns visitors into “experts” for e-mobility. They are to be empowered in terms of changing their own mobility. Instead of a showroom for automobiles, visitors can therefore expect an interactive journey from the beginnings of e-mobility to the city of the future, where these concepts have been implemented. Multimedia hands-on exhibits, VR, AR and mixed reality applications convey knowledge about the function and possibilities of sustainable energy and the technologies behind electric vehicles in an entertaining way. The gamification character of the tour, whereby power credits, among other things, can be collected through challenges on your own or by competing with another person, awakens the ambition to go into more details. The lessons learned can be stored on a personalised Moon ID Card, which can later be taken home as a give-away.
The designers at Archimedes Exhibitions have created an immersive scenography of light and sound installations for the world of experience that takes visitors on a mission to other worlds. The exhibition architecture, the exhibit design and the graphics’ formal language are characterised by round shapes inspired by the Moon logo, the moon and planetary orbits. A large part of the exhibition is designed in a bright, futuristic look, markedly marking a threshold to the future. At the same time, associations with space stations or cities of the future are awakened. The graphics pick up elements from the world of science fiction. Colour highlights are the CI colours of Moon – a dark blue and the colour Mint Energy – as well as selected colours within the individual exhibition areas.
The beginning of the mission forms a creative counterpoint: through a dark portal, visitors “travel” through space to the moon. An immersive light installation flows through the room simulating the light of an infinite number of stars. The special ground composition, which reflects the moon’s surface, and the play of light and shadow in the face of darkness in space create a cosmic atmosphere. Like Neil Armstrong once did, visitors can leave their footprints here.
The leitmotif “energy”, both in terms of content and design, leads visitors into the Moon Camp in the form of fascinating energy flows from LED strips. In this imaginary space station, LED strips run through the scenery, connecting exhibits to form a holistic energy network and converging in the centre of the room to form an impressive light installation, the “Energy Tree”. Elements of light-coloured wood contrast with the clean, futuristic look and embody the sustainability aspect of the experience space.
In the “Future City” visitors will then experience the advantages of sustainable mobility concepts that are at the same time geared to people’s needs. They can apply these themselves to an interactive, multimedia city model of Salzburg.
Moon, a brand of Allmobil, is the e-mobility system provider of Porsche Holding Salzburg. Moon offers sustainable, intelligent and data-driven energy solutions for companies and private customers.
Archimedes Exhibitions is an international Berlin-based creative agency that has been realising exhibitions, exhibits, installations and apps for clients from science, business, politics and culture since 1996. Archimedes is not an unknown quantity in the automotive industry: in the past, the agency has produced the touring exhibition “Ey Alter” on demographic change for Daimler and conceived and implemented the major sustainability exhibition “Shift” for the Volkswagen Group.
Source: www.mooncity-salzburg.at

Mooncity in Salzburg (photo: Moon)