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Technology Arts starts Nocturne Drone Shows

Jens Hillenkötter (Photo: Technology Arts)

German based company Technology Arts set up a new business unit specializing in drone show systems: Nocturne Drone Shows. In doing so, the company is responding to the continuing high demand for premium drone shows internationally.

The creative brain of Nocturne Drone Shows is Jens Hillenkötter, one of the world’s best-known and most successful designers and producers of multimedia shows featuring drones. He and his expert team of developers and technicians have been active in the field of commercial drone applications for over ten years. They are the leading supplier of drone productions for live entertainment, corporate and marketing events anywhere in Europe.

Nocturne Drone Shows is an internationally approved aviation enterprise. A new building houses the drone unit as well as the entire development department, whilst the adjacent test area is the scene of regular test flights. The large drone fleet, partly stationed in Germany, is acknowledged to be the safest in the world, thanks to special features developed specifically for the live events market as well as to its international certifications.

The drone software and hardware platform used was specially conceived and developed to meet the particular challenges of light show applications. It features special safety protocols that allow for flying even in high security areas. With their high-precision operation, the drones have been optimized to display logos and motifs to their best possible advantage.

“In Nocturne Drone Shows, we have created a new, focused business unit to channel our many years of experience with drones and their creative use, so as to be able to provide our service more efficiently to the rapidly expanding international market,” explains Jens Hillenkötter. “Already today we are the leading provider of drone shows in Europe.

Technology Arts establishes Nocturne Drone Shows (Photo: Nocturne Drone Shows)

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